Sunday, September 28, 2014

Should you track your weight loss progress?

When you take up a weight loss program, you will have a long term or medium term goal. Even a short term goal will have a period of about a month or at least a fortnight.

How will you react to a suggestion for tracking your weight loss on a daily basis? Well, you will obviously ask, “Why should I do this?” In other words, you want to know what advantages will tracking your weight loss will give you?

There are several advantages. But I will list just three of them. If these three benefits are good enough, then you will be inclined to take up a program of weight loss tracking.

1)    You will know where you are:
Suppose you follow a weight loss program and after one month you find that you have not made any progress, what will you feel? Will you not feel that you have wasted one month. On the other hand, if you follow a system of tracking yourweight loss through which you can measure your progress every day, you will discover whether the system is working or not much earlier.

2)  Your weight loss program will become more effective:
Whatever program you follow for losing weight, tracking will make the program more effective, not by improving the program but by making you more productive. If you begin to monitor anything, you will assume a kind of seriousness that can only make the program more fruitful.

3) You will become more skilled in setting and achieving goals:
If you can implement a tracking your weight loss program and see some good results, as you are bound to, you will discover that setting goals in any area and achieving them will be easy by setting up a similar tracking program. This probably will be the greatest takeaway from this exercise.

I am sure that you will find the above three benefits of tracking your weightloss good enough for setting up a tracking system. Set it up today and start reaping the benefits from tomorrow by achieving a perceptible weight loss even on the first day.

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