Wednesday, November 2, 2016

7 Tips To Boost Your Skin Care

Skin care has been gaining importance both from the health point of view and from the beauty point of view.

People put up with many health problems. But coping with skin allergy, acne, skin irritation etc. is very difficult. Many people who normally ignore minor health problems like fever, indigestion, injuries etc. will seek quick remedy from a skin disease.

But unfortunately, not many people take proper care of their skin. Skin diseases are preventable to a great extent, if only we follow some simple precautions and practices regularly. If you start taking care of your skin from a young age, your skin will be both healthy and beautiful in your old age. Here are some tips:

1) Avoid Stress
Surprisingly, one of the causes for skin problems is stress. You may not believe this! But this is true. Reduce your everyday stress. Be relaxed. Learn to laugh. Learn to come out of bad moods and depressions quickly. The longer the smile on your face, the longer will your skin glow!

2) Have a good night’s sleep
It may intrigue you that I first asked you to be relaxed and smiling and that I am now asking you to sleep well. I’m saying what’s true! As you know, your body repairs itself during your sleep. Your skin cells renew themselves when you sleep. So, give the cells a chance. Don’t complain later that you were washing your body with a high quality soap everyday but you still developed a skin problem! One more thing - Please remove all your make up before you go to sleep. Wash your face before going to bed. If you go to bed with a clean skin, you will get up with a cleaner and more enriched skin.

3) Use the right body washer
Use a body washer that contains both vitamins and moisturizers. Many of us are aware of the need of moisturizers to prevent our skin from  becoming dry but not aware of the need for vitamins to regenerate our skin.

4) Beware of the after effects of Skin Training
You may be shocked to know that tanning is not good for your skin in the long run. Skin tanning will lead to premature ageing. Remember this when you lie on the beach sand with only a towel on you!

5) Use Warm Water not Hot water
When you take a shower, take care to wash your skin with warm water and not hot water since hot water will remove the healthy oils from your skin.

6) Know how to use the towel
After you come out of the shower, do not rub your skin with a towel. Just touch your skin gently and allow the towel to absorb the moisture.

7) The most important advice
Avoid self medication at all cost. Even if you are taking treatment from a physician or skin specialist, request them to prescribe a natural / herbal product rather than a chemical product.

You may not realize this now. But keeping your skin in good condition will boost your personality and self confidence. Living with skin problems will have the opposite effect and make living an unhappy experience for you.

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