Monday, September 12, 2016

Fitness - Four Important Facts About Fitness

People go nuts when it comes to fitness. But surprisingly, they don't care to get the facts relating to fitness. There are more myths about health and fitness than about any other subject. I want to share with you five facts about fitness that are not so well known.

1. Doing sit-ups won't dissolve your fat
 If this fact makes you sit up in surprise, comfort yourself by knowing that very few people understand what they can and can't achieve by doing sit-ups. The reality is that sit-ups will help you tone your abdominal muscles but won't help you in shedding your excess fat. You need to burn your fat by doing the appropriate exercises.

2. Working hard is not the smartest way to lose fat
When you take up an exercise that demands more energy from you, you will get tired soon. So, you will not be burning enough calories. But if you choose an exercise with a moderate intensity, you will be able to exercise longer and lose more fat. So, remember: how much time you spend in exercising is more important than how intense the exercise is. This can be one o the most important fitness rules.

3. What is the best time to exercise?
If you have heard people saying that morning is the best time to exercise, don't be carried away. Choose the time that is the most convenient for you. Many people use the inability to exercise in the morning as an excuse for not exercising. Morning, afternoon, evening and midnight can all be good for carrying out your fitness program. However, consider the weather. If it is very hot or humid, then you will feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, time makes no difference to the effectiveness of your fitness program.

4. Exercise before or after eating?
If you exercise before eating, you ma face two undesirable consequences. When you exercise on a hungry stomach, you may soon feel tired and may not exercise enough. A more serious consequence can be that fatigued by taking up the fitness program before eating, you are likely to eat more than what you normally do. Thus you may end up with more weight. There is a misconception that you shouldn't exercise after eating. A mild exercise like walking, jogging or cycling a short time after (but not immediately after) eating will help you burn calories and take you closer to your fitness goal.

Fit your fitness programs to your needs, to your capability and convenience. And you will be better off not only in terms of fitness but also in terms of your overall health.

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